a neon sign that says change in cursive

Psalm 135; Isaiah 26:1-15; Mark 12:18-27

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." Isaiah 26:3

Over the last few weeks I have come to the realization that my pastoral work is beginning to change a bit. For the last decade or so my ministry has been largely one of quiet faithful presence. Simply put, I show up and try to be as fully present in the life of my neighborhood and town.

That is beginning to change.

As I age and my congregation ages and grows up there’s a change in what presence for me looks like. It’s an include and transcend kind of change. That simple presence continues and is included. But there’s a new way of being present that is more particular, more intentional, that is now required.

Hospitals, funerals, weddings, and births. The stuff of real life. For so many years my presence has been patios, porches, sporting events, and the like. That hasn’t changed, but there’s these new things.

The big moments of one’s life necessarily creates change. My friends are walking through so much change and transition in so many ways. I get to be part of it all!

This verse from Isaiah jumped out today because of the vast amount of change that is coming will inevitably create stress and anxiety and worry. How do we hold on to the peace we knew during the simpler times? We do so by having steadfast minds that are trusting in the LORD.

When we are able to keep our minds set on the good and faithful LORD we will find peace in the midst of change.

I’m wrestling with the how of this. How do I keep my mind steadfast on the good and faithful divine in whom I can trust? I think this is where some practices of faith can come into clarity of focus. I pray, meditate on the Scripture, and enter into community with others who encourage me to do the same.